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Technology & Systems

Preparation of agreements and conducting negotiations in the Technological field in the most correct and efficient way, requires a combination of extensive experience, knowledge and understanding- legally, technologically and business wise.

Professional understanding of the required or proposed technological solution, significantly, and sometimes even critically, affects the agreement construction, the conduction of the negotiation and therefore the conclusion of the desired transaction.

For example, when purchasing/developing/implementing a particular system or infrastructure, a wide range of unique issues arises from the service or product should be examined, such as: the interfacing of the system or infrastructure in the organization and its implications, the criticality of the system or infrastructure, alternatives to the system or infrastructure, the manners of storing and backup to the information contained in them, what kind of information is being transferred/stored in the system or infrastructure, maintenance and SLA, whether it is an off-the-shelf product or an ongoing service, the duration of providing the solution and a wide range of other issues.

As a result of these issues, the level and degree of responsibility, the level of service required, information security and privacy protection, intellectual property, non-existence of employer-employee relations, termination of engagement and etc. are derived, and therefore have critical significance for both construction of the agreement and the negotiation.

Adv. Shiran Ilan carries special expertise in the field of Technology and Systems, and for over 10 years accompany Corporations, Companies, Enterprises and Businesses of a wide range of fields, from Start-Up Businesses to Corporations.

Adv. Shiran Ilan has an extensive knowledge, expertise and experience in drafting multiple and diverse commercial and technological agreements, complex and central negotiations, including with leading entities in the Israel and abroad, forward thinking, professionalism, availability and personal legal advice to her clients.


Among other things, Shiran served as the Legal Advisor of the Purchasing Department and the Technology and Operations Division at one of Israel's central Credit Card companies, including accompanying all business and technological activities of the company, key and essential engagements and complex negotiations with leading entities in the Israel and abroad.

All of these provide Adv. Shiran Ilan with a high level of knowledge and technological understanding, along with extensive and unique knowledge of the provisions of the regulation and the applicable law.

Among the services provided by the Office in English and Hebrew:

  • Services Agreements

  • Procurement and Systems Agreements

  • Licensing Agreements

  • Cloud Agreements

  • Computing infrastructures Agreements

  • Software Agreements

  • Development Agreements

  • Systems Conversion Agreements

  • Implementation and integration Agreements

  • Operating Agreements

  • Infrastructure Supply Agreements

  • Optic Fiber Agreements

  • Supply, Service and Support Agreements

  • Outsourcing Agreements (manpower/activity)

  • Privacy and Cyber Security Agreements (DPA)

  • Confidentiality Agreements (NDA)

  • Source Code Agreements

  • Consultation Agreements

  • Assignment Agreements

  • Contractor/Subcontractor Agreements

  • Transfer for no consideration Agreements

  • Settlements Agreements

  • Legal examination of proposals for services providing

  • Business disputes

  • Legal opinions

  • Ongoing representation before state authorities


Shiran's clients over the years enjoy a high level of professionalism, integrity, loyalty, availability and personal service to all of her clients, and she will be happy to accompany you as well.



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