Corporate & Commercial
Comprehensive Legal Services to Corporations & Businesses

Professional legal advice for a Corporation or any other Business Venture, requires knowledge, expertise and many years of experience in all areas of commercial and business law.

Such legal advice is required both at the stage of the establishment of the Corporation or Business and further when advising and representing the Corporation or Business for the purposes of its day-to-day operations, such as reporting and representation before the competent authorities, compliance with the law and regulation, preparation of commercial and internal agreements, establishment of business ventures, and conducting negotiations until the final Agreements.

Proper legal planning and advice at the stage of the business establishment, maintains the continuation of proper business activity, resolve the division of rights, duties and management of the business, prevents future disputes between business partners, and maintains transparency and corporate governance applicable to any business or venture.

In addition, an optimal commercial agreement is one that at its time of preparation plans in advance the negotiation phase, until the closing of the transaction.

Furthermore, the agreement should be made in a "wide vision" which consider not only the commercial and legal terms agreed between the parties in the agreement, but also after its execution and the operation of the transaction itself.

The legal vision in the agreement and in the legal negotiations must be compatible with the desired business purpose, while protecting the needs of the corporation or business and maintaining the relevant legal provisions.

There is often a built-in tension between the desired business purpose, protecting the business needs, and obligations under the law. In these situations in particular, it is highly important to receive a legal consultation from an Attorney with an extensive experience and knowledge, creative thinking and solutions resolving ability, and conducting negotiations in an optimal way which on the one hand protects the needs of the business and the law and on the other hand achieves the desired business purpose.

Adv. Shiran Ilan accompany Corporations, Companies, Partnerships, Ventures and Businesses of a wide range of fields for over 10 years, from the time of their establishment to their day-to-day business activity. Adv. Shiran Ilan carries as an extensive knowledge, expertise and experience in drafting multiple and diverse commercial agreements, complex and central negotiations, including with leading entities in Israel and abroad, forward thinking, professionalism, availability and personal legal advice to her clients.


Among other things, Shiran served as the Legal Advisor of the Purchasing Department and the Technology and Operations Division at one of Israel's central Credit Card companies, and accompanied all aspects of the commercial and business activity, key and essential engagements and complex negotiations.

In addition, as an attorney in the past at an International English Law Firm, she  accompanied and established companies and trusts in Israel and abroad, and specialized in drafting commercial agreements and international taxation.


Among the services provided by the office in English and in Hebrew:


  • Ongoing legal advice

  • Establishment and registration of Corporations

  • Founders' Agreements

  • Shareholders' Agreements

  • Corporates' Articles of Association

  • Partnership Agreements

  • Share Transfer Agreements

  • Share Allotment Agreements

  • Share Options Allotment Agreements

  • Transfer of Partnership Rights Agreements

  • Shares Transfer/Partnership Rights Transfer Agreements in a Real Estate Corporation

  • Investment agreements

  • Joint Venture Agreements

  • Proper management approval for non-profit organizations

  • Annual reports to the Registrar of Companies

  • Shareholders' assembly/ Company's/Board of directors Resolution

  • Corporation Liquidation

  • Services Agreements

  • Purchase and Supply Agreements

  • Technology and Systems Agreements (see details in Technology & Systems)  

  • Employment agreements

  • Outsourcing agreements (manpower/activity)

  • Operating agreements

  • Consulting agreements

  • Loan agreements

  • White label agreements

  • Confidentiality Agreements (NDA)

  • Marketing/Promotion/Benefits Agreements

  • Contractor/subcontractor agreements

  • Transfer for no consideration agreements

  • Settlement agreements

  • Legal examination of proposals for services providing

  • Business disputes

  • Legal opinions

  • Ongoing representation before state authorities

Shiran's clients over the years enjoy a high level of professionalism, integrity,  loyalty, availability and personal service to all of her clients, and she will be happy to accompany you as well.



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